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mendibuba's Journal

Hi, currently im adicted to Kat-tun especialy to Junnosuke Taguchi i really really love this Guy. :-)) I like to hear Music most of the time i hear RnB and Soul but as i said i also like the Music from Kat-tun not everything but some Songs are really good. My favorite KT Song is Precious one

Samurai Love Attack
So cheeky (so cheeky)
Someone pointed at me (at you)
From the shadows and ran away
So cheeky (so cheeky)
I definitely am (you definitely are)
That's how I do things
But I won't run

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Profile Layout

Laugh and the World laughs with You!

I loved and was loved in turn
Cast that spell just one more time
So the days of seeing your sleeping face
Continue just like this

credit for profile layout goes to cease11 and vhal